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I’ve had the pleasure and the honor to work with Christian Danis for five years. I’m a mother of five children, all of whom Christian has helped tremendously with their various struggles and family dynamics in dealing with a volatile Custody Battle and Psychiatric Assessment that was ongoing for three years. Without the help and support of Christian Danis, I fear where we would all have ended up. He has helped me to rebuild and strengthen my family to one of peace, laughter, joy and love. Without his expertise and wisdom, there is no way we could have accomplished this on our own volition.

Christian Danis is a highly gifted, extremely intelligent and intuitive Psychologist who has the unique and rare ability to see inside your heart and soul to discern who people are at their very core and essence. Christian is able to reach people and help them in such a way that he leaves a profound effect upon their lives. Christian Danis has a calming influence and helps you to take a step back and look at situations from a different perspective, which ultimately aids you in pursuing a better course of action for your life. Christian Danis is always honest with his clients. He sets the record straight as to what is clearly right and wrong both morally and within the confines of the law.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many Psychologists within my lifetime, but never have I met anyone as amazing, profound, supportive, helpful and encouraging as Christian Danis. He is truly a man of great compassion, insight, understanding and wisdom. I hold Christian Danis in the highest regard and esteem. He is truly a Psychologist of the highest caliber of expertise. I strongly encourage anyone who needs a Psychologist  to call upon the services of Mr. Christian Danis.  

Joanni-Lynn Hunt


​​Dr. Natashya Sherbot-Stronach

Dr. Alan Parry
Natalie Young, with Alberta Health Services